Thursday, October 20, 2005

Marketing an Online Business

I have updated my website today and I reupload a page title marketing an online business. It is about how to market our business online more effectively.

Among other things, I discussed email marketing which is a very important aspect of any business. We can constantly communicate and build business relationship with our customers and mailing list subscribers at a cost next to nothing. We can have a very huge mailing list, but still it cost us very minimal to send all of them email.

Another marketing strategy that I discussed is affiliate marketing. At first it may sound that it will require a subtantial investment to set-up our own affiliate marketing program. Actually, nowadays for about $300 we can have our own affiliate program such as through a very reliable affiliate network -

Or if we prefer to manage our affiliate program in-house we can buy one of the affiliate program software. Post Affiliate Pro is one of a very good affiliate program software that cost less than $150.

So, as you can see to improve our marketing avenues via two very good strategies require around $300 to $500 but with this in place you can have a more establish and hopefully productive marketing channel. Visit my site to learn more about the article on online marketing tactics that I wrote.


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