Sunday, May 21, 2006

How Do I Create A Web Page

Nowadays, more and more people realized that internet is a very special tool to do so many things. Not only it is an effective communication tool, we can also share our knowledge, expertise as well as selling product using a website. Thus at many forums and discussion board, we can find a lot of questions such as "How do I create a website or a webpage?"
Of course it is not that difficult to build a website anymore. There are so many website builders available in the market. Some are free and for others we need to paid for.
The Free WYSIWYG HTML Editors include:-
2. Evrsoft free web site builder software.
Then if you are familiar with Myspace there's also My Space Editor.
For online graphics editor here's two of the popular choice.

The most popular website design builder includes:-

They are not free but they are like the Grand Daddy of all online website design builders.They have been used by many since the early years of internet.

While the more user friendly custom web site builder include:-
1. SiteBuildIt and

These two in particular have been the favorites of many first time webmasters and individuals who want to build their business online. Because of the very good systems already put in place by these two popular online web site design builder, it is much easier for small business owners to concentrate on building their business rather than spending huge amount of time and money learning to build their first website perfectly.
So after all, it boils down to what you really want to achieve by having your first online present. I hope this short article can help you choose the most suitable custom web site builder for your need.


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