Friday, April 28, 2006

Hair Style For Men

People talk about almost everything online. Of course the favorite topics have always been about health, beauty, fashion, relationship problems, personal problems and not to be left out make money online.

Except for making money, most of things discussed or shared by the millions of internet users (whom by the way are very happy to share their expertise) are dominated by women. But I have also notice that men are starting to follow this trends as well. They are beginning to open up.

For example, nowadays there are men's tips on beauty as well, like hair styles for men. This kind of things is almost unthinkable say 10 to 15 years ago. Sharing personal problems especially about manhood or beauty tips is certainly not a norm for men.

They are also sites that discuss men's problem and men's issue like this site I know there are lot more sites out there that discuss personal things related to men.

It just show how internet in some ways have change the way we think. Men are catching up on women on their soft side I guess.


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