Monday, February 06, 2006

Internet And Pro-Active Minds.

In the Offline World

-We always have limited knowledge of what we want to know.

-We always remain passive population.

-We always have limited ways to voice or express our thoughts and opinions.

-when we need something, we have to go out, drive a car, choose a shop, then pick-up anyone of the items displayed on the shelves. We may have limited knowledge of which one is the best or most suits our needs.

-when we watch TV even with cable network, we remain passive users. For example, when we disagree with an opinion at a TV Talk Show, most of the time we can only disagree with it in our minds. What are the chances of your call getting thru to give your views on Larry King Live!. Very, very slim.

Of course, for cable TV there might be over a hundred channels to choose from, but we are still not in control. If we need instant information like "I think I need to buy a new camcorder. Hmmm, which one is the best out there right now - a Sony, Panasonic or whatever?". Then if your 48 inch TV right in front of you does not have internet access, it can't help you very much.


Enter the Internet. Information At Your Fingertips.

Looking for a new camcorder or digital camera? No problem.
Just Key-In "Latest Camcorder" "Digital Camera Review" and then Google-it.
And you have a result of a whole bunch of brand new model of camcorders/digital cameras from different brandnames with a whole enchilada of features, gadgets and accessories available in the market right this very moment.

Then how can we be active population of the world that contribute our part for the goodness of mankind? How the can you benefit from the internet?

In the "Good Old Days" or shall I say the "Bad Old Days", if you have a bad day at the office, or at the DMV/Immigration Department, you couldn't help it but drop by your favorite bar or coffee shop to meet your regular buddies. You just need to share you bad day with them. After cursing your boss or everybody in the whole system for causing you your bad day, you feel a little relief especially if your buddies are with you and say something like "Yeah we know, been there, done that".
Actually, apart from feeling a little bit of relief you achieve nothing much out of this especially when you are expressing yourself to your buddies, you would be releasing a lot of "negative energies".

How can the internet help you in this situation?

Returning home from you bad day, you can go straight to your PC or just drop by a

Open your free blog account and start writing. Share you bad experience with the
whole world.

You start to think "Hey I could make money out of this".

So, instead of blaming everybody and releasing those "negative energies", you begin to share your experience and write more objectively.

You can put-up article like "How to go through, survive and remain in one piece, when its time for you to spend your day at the Immigration Department".

Blog it and ping it.

With this kind of good information shared by you, you could attract huge amount of traffic to your blog.

Not only are you sharing good information, you can also earn from those
Adsense Click-thrus from your visitors who will begin to fall in love with "The man who survive his day at the Immigration Department".


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