Tuesday, October 25, 2005

For A Good Cause

It is good to see that even we are living in this fast pace tech era where everybody doesn't seem to have enough time to glimpse at what's happening around us, we do pause for a moment and help to contribute to a good cause when somthing unfortunate happen.

Take for example the extremely unexpected Tsunami disaster that swipe by the South East Asia Region at the end of last year. People pause their daily activities and start contributing and giving for the various organizations being setup almost instantly. Then recently the earthquake that happened in Pakistan and India and of course several hurricanes that hit America - Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Katrina and the more recent one Hurricane Wilma.

Eventhough people are very busy with their own hectic schedule everyday, the caring part of human being is still very much alive. Of course, if we could relate and be more close to God, it's just the best.

I recently found an interesting on a lady who contribute to a good cause by helping the Cancer Recovery Foundation of Canada where she created the Brides for Cancer. Even a newlywed like Helen Sweet can stand-up for a good cause.


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