Thursday, November 17, 2005

Affiliate Sales Programs

One of the best thing that internet bring with it is the opportunity to earn a living using the internet technology itself. I've tried quite a number of methods provided by the many internet based companies. Affiliate sales programs definitely works like a charm.

But not all affiliate program are the same. It really depends on the merchants themselves. Some merchants do provide excellent affiliate sales program. While a lot of others are just a waste of your time. I had personally joined hundreds of afiliate programs in the past three years alone.

I hope to be able to share more on some of them soon. But for now I just would like to mention that, yes you can make money online with affiliate sales program but it does require efforts on your part. If someone says you can make make money with affiliate program online without much effort from you then you better be careful. They might be some catch.

You may need to buy something through their systems and buy some more and then buy some more again and again. The results normally are extremely less encouraging. You may lose more than gain anything out of it. So my advice to you is just ingnore those kinds of automated downline affiliate systems.


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