Monday, January 30, 2006

2006 And Online Video

Its been awhile since I update my blog here. I had been quite busy with a few projects at the moment. I had also been busy updating the stocks of products that I sell at one of my sites.

However, as many of you may be aware in 2006 a lot of people begin to incorporate website video onto their sites. As Jim Edwards from put it "full-motion online video as the "killer app" to revolutionize website communications and ecommerce" in 2006. It's not a surprise.

From a plain salespage, many commercial websites evolved by having audio recording the message from the site owners as well as testimonial from satisfied customers. Now, its online video's turn. Well, what can we talk about in this video. Anything that can build credibility and trust in the eyes of our target audiences. It just need a little bit of creativity on your part though. Jim Edwards and Mike Steward had conducted the course late last year.

The response for their course is huge. And they will be releasing the home study course version of it very soon. It looks like we can expect to see more video marketing course in the very near future. Anyway, if you have the money or opportunity grab any of this course and start applying it to your sites. Or we can just lay back a bit and see how things go. Maybe there's too much hype on this website video being the next big thing. For the moment, it is anybody's guess.


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