Sunday, November 20, 2005

Finding The Right Affiliate Program To Promote

As promise, today I would like to discuss a little bit more on affiliate marketing - finding the right kind of products to promote. People sell all sort of things on the internet. You are easily tempted to promote a majority of them especially if they promise big money for you in return for your promotions and referral of their products.

But seriously, can we really count on all these earn big money promises. The short answer is, not really. As merchants, of course they would love to have a huge army of affiliates to promote their products that cost them almost nothing, in term of marketing budget.

But from your perspective, as an affiliate, if you are not focus, then you will not earn much from affiliate marketing generally.

So, what's the best way to promote a product or service?

Be Focused. Be in Niche. Become an "Expert" on something specific.

It doesn't really matter if other people are yet to believe that you are an "expert". They will. As long as you believe that you are or will be an expert in your specific field that you choose and you are really committed to being an "expert" in that field, success will follows. One more thing, make sure that the field that you choose to be an "expert" in does have some commercial value.

1) Ask yourself these questions.
What are my interests?
Am I good at something?
What do I know a lot about?

2) For example, if you like cellphones and you know a lot about them. You can't wait to checkout the latest models from being releaseed. You know the features from the current available models very well and can directly compare with the new model just come out. In short, you know cellphones and cellphone industry like the back of your hands.

Then, you could build a website or a blog specifically discussing cellphones and the cellphone industry. You could review each available models from each brand names - what you like or do not like about each of them. You should also discuss about the batteries, gadget and accessories that come together with each models. You could review the latest models just being release.

If you provide original, helpful and honest reviews it will not be long before your site or blog become somewhat of a respected or "authority" entity about cellphones on the internet. If you are using a blog and you actively provide very informative reviews (in your case - specifically on cellphones and cellphone industry) , with the current internet technology, it is almost inevitable that your blog would become "famous".

3) You join affiliate program for merchants selling cellphones and cellphone accessories as well as cell phone call plans for your country, if applicable.

4) Then whenever appropriate, you could recommend any of the above merchants that you had sign-up with. Just make sure that these merchants are providing quality products and services. Never ever recommend a product or service that pays you very well but you know for a fact that they have lousy products or bad customer supports.

Remember that with every single post, writing or recommendation you make, your reputation and your website reputation is on-the-line. The stake is simply too high - to lose your credibility and trust by recommendating even one lousy merchant after your effort in building high quality informative theme based site or blog that you really love about.

5) However, with real honest recommendations at your site or blog, you will note that your referral incomes or income from promoting these good products and merchants will grow healthily in direct proportion with the traffics building up to your site or blog.

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