Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Good Side Of Human Beings

Yesterday a long time close friend of mine (since my college years about 18 years ago) contacted me about his hope of building a decent home or safe haven for stray cats. He was my roommate back then and I knew he loved cats so much.

Whenever we went for drinks together, and he saw cat wondering around the cafeteria, he would do anything to get the attention of the cat. Or more accurate I should say, cats always found their way to come over to my friend and sit on his lap. He seemed like a magnet to cats. And yes, he was and still is absolutely irresistable to cats.

Now, when contacted me and informed me of his "mission" of building this mini park for stray cats, I know this is for real. Maybe I cannot do much to help him with his pursuant of this good cause, but the least I can do is spread the news around about it.

I quote from his blog "SIMPLE IDEA - simple execution, my target is just USD 200,000.00 to jump start this park or small ZOO which shall grow based upon visitor and donation once it is launch. I hope this is not that hard to acheivedComponent involved , 1. Land, 2. Food, 3. Time and Gas money to pick up the stray cats. 4. Shelter and your Name for ever embedded in the wooden plak across this zoo.I hope this can be accomplished".

He certainly welcome any suggestions, feedbacks and helps including monetary wise. I also hope you can spread around this message to all of us who love animals that are left strayed. And I certainly hope his blog can inspire others to start this kind of noble mission in your own community.


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