Monday, June 12, 2006

Top Home Base Business

In the ealier post we'd discuss about the important of having a positive cashflow before taking a serious journey to find the right home base business. It's easy to get influenced by the many business opportunities or make money at home ideas that are almost everywhere on the internet.
Here are some of the most common headlines that you might have come across, if you ever try to search for any online business opportunities.
  • Unique ways to earn money
  • Latest ideas achieve financial freedom
  • Legitimate work from home job
  • Affiliate business online opportunity
  • Reputable Affiliate Programs
  • Part time home jobs
  • Work part time online

Unless you have a really good and unique product or service, there's not much of a "unique ways to earn money" from the internet. I am really saddened by the fact that many people out there still fell for all these so called "top home base businesses".

For example, the advertisement for "Affiliate business online opportunity" and "Latest ideas to achieve financial freedom", normally involved some Online MLM Companies. It has been proven time and time again that Online Multi-Level Business did not really work. But because of the very convincing promises laid down in the copywritings, people easily believe every single word they put-up.

That's why they continued recruiting thousands and thousands of individual from almost every part of the world. "Part time home jobs" and "work part time online" and a series of other regular phrases continued to be the favorite taglines to attract online newbies and rookies into the "envelope stuffing jobs" and "assembling products from home" opportunities.

The truth is the real top home base business that everyone who is serious about earning a decent income online should get involve are Legitimate Afiliate Marketing Programs and Contextual Advertising such as Google Adsense. Once you stop chasing for those empty promise opportunities and focus on these two business models, you have made the best step into realizing a decent income that goes hand-in-hand with a decent effort.


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