Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Heart and The Mind

Together with this Live or the One Complete Test, God give us 2 extremely precious things. Our Hearts and Our Minds.

Many of us do not realize it that all the decisions we make in our lives every single day and every single time is in the heart and not from our minds.

The mind is use to think about every single thing that our hearts want it to do. But it is not the decision maker. It never has and it never will be the Decision Maker for anyone of us because that is not the mind's job. It's job is very clear - to compile and analyze information, variables, points, argumentations and reasonings (what we called Thinking) and present them to the heart for it to make the Decision.

And the heart makes every single decision in our lives, big and small. It's just that we seldom realize it. The most common things we do everyday like going to the toilet is like automatic (and many believe its already built-in into our "Sub-Concious Minds"), but the fact is there's the presenter of the case - the mind (with all the signs and points it brings to the heart that we need to go to the toilet) and the decision maker - the heart. And yes many of these presentation of the cases and decision making processes happen extremely fast - within a fraction of a second, but there are also things that happen over a long span of time especially many big decisions in our lives.

God Judge us based on all the decisions that we make in our lives and all the actions we take accompanying those decisions. That's why even if we decide to go to the toilet and release the waste, and we thank Him for this ability to release the waste in our body system, He will accept it as a good deed on our part.

He does not judge us with any of the problems we face or any of the results happen to us because he knows about them already as He is the One that make all these things happen to us.

He will only judge us on:-

  • How do we accept the problem he has given to us? Submit or Agree to His Will on us.
  • How we deal with all of these problems, pleasure and gains every single moment we are awake?
  • What are our decisions and actions we take to go through this life with every single problems, situations and advantages (in whatever form it may be) he has given to us?
  • Do we still accept His Wills including the difficulties and hardship that He had want us to go through and still follow His Commandments?
  • When faced with difficulties, are we going to refer back to Him for help, guidance and ways out of the situations he had given to us, feel His Closeness to us every moment and still obey His Commandments.
  • Are we going to sincerely refer to His Book for absolute guidance?
  • Or is it time for us to curse Him and everyone else involved for the hardships we faced?
    Is it time for us to disobey His Commandments and change His words in His Book that He has made as a Perfect Guidance for us to go through every single moment of this life. It is time to change His Book to suit our needs and the current needs of our society since we seems to know the hardship and difficulties our society faced now better than anyone else. May be even better than God Himself? Had he not create the difficulties and hardship situations in our society as well? Is it not a part of the One Complete Test that we must go through?
  • When gifted with any form of gains and pleasures, are we going to thank Him and feel His Closeness and Generousity to us and still obey His Commandments.
  • Or is it time to feel that we are the one in charge of our wealth and all the worldly gains that are due to us and we don't need Him anymore? Is it also not a part of the One Complete Test that we must go through?

When we realize these facts of life, we will also began to understand that the Heart is "The One Absolute Entity" God really assess us. This is because it is the decision maker. Every action (when we are awake) that we take follow the "Decision Maker". Our minds and our every other body parts has never disobey the heart's decision. This is another amazing facts God has made about us Human Beings that we seldom realize as well. The heart is the De Facto of Oneself and God asses us from it.

Therefore God want us to purify our hearts for Him.



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