Friday, September 29, 2006

Public Speaking Tips: Steps To Improve Public Speaking

Many of us are not comfortable with speaking in public especially if we don't give presentations or talk to a group of people regular enough. But excellent public speaking can be learned.

Some people are considered 'natural speakers'. But there are many people who are not really 'natural speaker' that can give better presentations than the so called 'natural speakers'. They learn or acquire the skills to give very good presentation as they continue to talk in front of public.

So, all of us can be good speakers once we learn the skill to do so. Here are some of the important steps to improve public speaking and be a good speaker:-

1. Breath your way to calmness. Whether you take a deep or shallow breath, make sure that you breath out slowly. Then hold your breath for a while (don't breath-in). Repeat this breathing tecnique a few times until we feel comfortably calm.

2. Always think that whatever you are going to talk about is very important. They are here to listen to it. Regardless of their knowledge on the subject, remember that you are the one delivering the information. Think of yourself as the conductor to their orchestra. You are in control.

3. Tell them what they are going to get or learn up front. By having a clear 'end result' pictured in their mind early on will increase their interest on what you are going to say.

4. Whenever possible try to relate to them by giving stories. People always love stories. Once you start narrating, they would begin to create mental image in their minds of the situations your are talking about. Try to make the stories interesting as possible. Once they get indulge with your narration, they'd become more and more interested into what you are saying.

5. Continue captivating attention by using words that stir-up all the senses. Describe how things look, sound, feel, smell and taste. Paint pictures and sensations in their minds with your words.

6. Vary your voice tonality and speed of delivery. Keep them alert and engaged. Maintain eye contact with them.

7. Always rehearse in front of the mirror until you develop a comfortable, compelling and relaxed way of speaking.

You can also watch and learn from other great speakers whenever you are attending any talks.

Try out this simple public speaking tips. You can call it nervous speaker tips 101 - but it works. Over time you'd develop a natural way to speak in public with more confidence.

God bless you.


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