Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Online Multi-Level Marketing - Why You Should Avoid It

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing online is the evolution and innovations of traditional offline Multi-Level Marketing. Although some of the major traditional offline Network Marketing companies began to capitalize on the internet technology for their system's recruitment during the early days, most had abandoned their online recruitment system due to various complications later on.
Those that are available on the internet currently with full blown recruitment systems mostly are 100 percent online-based MLM companies. In short, Online MLM Business Model does not really benefit you if you plan to seriously marketing the products on the internet.
This is because, unlike the offline world, internet has no boundary. As such everyone would be targeting the same target audience and competing against each other.
Here is a very interesting article on Online Multi-Level Marketing just published at I-Income.blogspot.com. It explained why Online MLM will only benefit the program owners. While everybody else participating in the system simply is helping the program owner getting richer and richer before he takes off with everybody else money.
It is really an eye opening article for those who plan to get involved with Online Multi-Level Marketing.


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