Monday, August 28, 2006

Positive Interaction In Daily Life

Positive interaction with other people is very important. Sometimes we may not realize how important it is to be honest in our interaction with everyone else. It does affect the outcome of what will happen to us.

What I really mean is, sometimes we may look down on someone we just meet for the first time. There may be certain things about this person that we do not like. May be it's his character, his outfit, the way he speak or it can be anythings else about this person. As a result we would develop certain negative perception about this person.

In most cases we may tend to associate, relate or compare with ourself such as - "I am better than this person". Finally, we feel that we need to disassociate ourself from this person. In my opinion, it is ok to disassociate ourself from someone if we know for a fact that our association would bring more harm than goodness to everybody including this particular person. But it should not be an end to a relationship at least at the human level.

And the most important thing is for us to avoid from thinking negatively or having bad faith about this person. We must remember that everybody have their own weaknesses. Instead we should focus on thinking positively about this person. Surely there must be a good thing about this person. Yes it is very difficult to think positively about someone who appear to have all the bad thing associated with him. But the more we try to be objective about the person, the more opened our minds would be, thus our receptions to positive thing in our lives.

So trying to think positively about everyone and everything that we encounter in our live will undoubtly have positive impact on our lives moving forward.


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