Monday, March 26, 2007

True Meaning Of This Life

What is the True Meaning of Life in this world.

Life is One Complete Test. Yes it is the most unacceptable thing for many of us until we finally realize it. It is the greatest "Paradox" of our lives that many of us still do not understand. There are also many of us that are still not convince about this very Fact Of Life.

Let put it in a clear statement once again:-

True Meaning Of Life = Life is One Complete Test from The One and Only God for each and everyone of Human Beings to go through until the last breath he or she takes in this world.

The more hardship and difficulties our life is = the greater the test we face in our lives = it shows how much more our Creator Love us and how much attention He give to this particular servant.

When we die = We leave this world and come back to our Creator and He will tell us with complete details how we have gone through "the Test" that was specifically and perfectly design for each one of us. Our fate in the next world totally depend on how sincere our submission to Him and obedient to His comandments in this world.

All the pleasures and worldly gains we receive in this world does not mean that He love us just yet. In fact all these are also just part of the One Complete Test. He want to know how thankful we are to Him and how close we want to be with Him and follow His Commandments.

And what is this whole Test all about? In other words, what is the purpose of our lives? It is to accept it in our hearts that He is the One and Only God and we are all His servants, and he want us to Submit to His Wills and Commandments because He is our Creator and He knows absolutely what is the best for us to go through in this life.

He does not give us "Free Will". Because "Free Will" means that we have the Will to make everything that we want to happen. But God is the One that makes everything happen not us. Therefore, what He really give us is "Free Choice". The Choice to decide and choose our way of life. The Choice to do whatever we want in this life. The Choice to submit to His Will and Commandments and the way of life that God has prescribed for us or to follow our "lower self".

Therefore, the true meaning of success in this life is not how much material gains or various rankings in societies or accomplishments we have achieved in our lives. But how much have we been able to submit our whole life to His Will and following His Commandments given all the strengths and weaknesss, advantages and shortcomings that He personally has Crafted for us individually.

He doesn't Judge us based on how much worldly accomplishment we have achieved, but based on all the strengths and weaknesss, advantages and shortcomings that he personally give us as an individual, how have we been able to use them to live through this life by following His Commands and accepting to His Will that He has Perfectly Narrated about us.

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