Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Best Way To React To Things Happening In Our Life

In the last couple of post I had talk about how this life is a One Complete Test. The best human being is the one who submit to the wills of God every waking moment, obedient to His Laws, with complete sincerity and will achieve peace by doing so. Yes it is a very difficult thing to achieve in this life, but that is the main objective we should target to achieve.

To start with, we can try our best to resist the temptation of making negative comments in our mind (secretly) and with our mouth or writings (publicly). Try to avoid any negative thoughts on anything that happen to us or our surroundings. Being able to do this is really a good start since we begin to affirm ourself that God is Perfect.

It's quite easy not to make a stand on things that do not concern us. But if the things we consider "bad" happen to us personally, our family or someone we know, or something that really concern us, then our mind may begin to feed us thoughts for us to react.

Steve Pavlina had written an article on the recent shooting at Virginia Tech by a 19-year old student and how we react to this kind of event. One of the point he made is it's easy to start pointing fingers at others, but if we could change from within ourself for the better, things should be better.

I think another way to try to remove all the negative thoughts and start thinking positive as much as possible is by seeing everything as a reflection or mirror of ourself. God is the Perfect Creator, Organizer, Manager and Sustainer of this world and everything else. Everything that we encounter in our lives is His signs for us to realize our shortcomings and try to improve ourself. Not commenting or worse lamenting on how He "Create Events" in our lives.

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