Friday, June 29, 2007

The Secret, Law of Attraction and Manifestation

In 2006, there was the release of a film called The Secret. It is sort of a self-help film that try to explain the so-called Secret - the "Law of Attraction".

The summary are like the followings:- "You attract what you think about", "Thoughts become things or reality" or "You are what you think".

It got huge coverage all over the media. If you look at its forum, people have been talking about how they had been able to "change" their lives by applying the Secret.

But there is something that had not been talk about a lot. And that is the "Affirmation in the Heart". This is what that actually will shape or affect our life or our so-called "reality".

Thoughts is in the mind. The mind itself is the soldier of the heart. Thought by itself can never create reality. It is the affirmation of the heart on what the mind think about that will actually affect the "reality". If we are not affirmative on anything, it will affect the outcome. If we are very affirmative of a thing, it will affect the outcome as well. Affirmation on wanting something is actually a supplication. God has always inform us this; "Supplicate to Me! (with all affirmation and sincerity). For sure I will answer you!".

Above all, God create, manage, control and sustain everything and every event. He judge us based on what we decide in the heart. As long as we cannot differentiate what is in our mind and what is actually in our heart, we would continue to think that manifestation is the result of the thinking of the mind. But the truth is, it is not. It is what we believe and affirm in the heart - the decision maker.

Another thing is, what we affirm in our heart and act upon, will not only have the effect in this life but the next life as well.

So the real Secret actually is to try to do the best out of our ability for the following 3 things - we need to do whatever God want us to do in this life, avoid whatever God want us to avoid and surrender or agree with whatever He had pre-destined to happen to us. All of this done with sincerity. Hopefully, with all of this we will be granted inner peace with Him all the time. Remember, there's no event in our lives, unless He create it.

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