Friday, April 28, 2006

Hair Style For Men

People talk about almost everything online. Of course the favorite topics have always been about health, beauty, fashion, relationship problems, personal problems and not to be left out make money online.

Except for making money, most of things discussed or shared by the millions of internet users (whom by the way are very happy to share their expertise) are dominated by women. But I have also notice that men are starting to follow this trends as well. They are beginning to open up.

For example, nowadays there are men's tips on beauty as well, like hair styles for men. This kind of things is almost unthinkable say 10 to 15 years ago. Sharing personal problems especially about manhood or beauty tips is certainly not a norm for men.

They are also sites that discuss men's problem and men's issue like this site I know there are lot more sites out there that discuss personal things related to men.

It just show how internet in some ways have change the way we think. Men are catching up on women on their soft side I guess.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Making Money Online Is Not Easy

People talk about making maney online all the time. From my personal experience it is not really easy. It does require full commitment and dedication. I certainly don't blame others who would say otherwise, as they may want to picture an almost perfect scenario where newbies and pros alike can make money.

Unfortunately, the truth is certainly not like that. Here is an article from a blog of an individual who had tried to make money online. It is not pretty, but it is more accurately describe a normal person starting on his own and figuring out how to earn a living on the internet.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Divorce May Not Be The Best Solution

Everyday thousands of couples file for divorce in the US alone. This figure continue to rise at alarming rate throughout the world. But is divorce the best solution for you? Is it the only way out?

Of course, the obvious answer is, no. But for many of us, it seems like the only solution as many have given up to find a way out of a very stressful relationship. However, there's always a good thing for anything that happen in our life. And it does happen for a cause.

There are many couples who walk out of a crisis between them positively and their relationship become stronger than ever. This just shows how things that are not good to us as the way we see it, certainly can turn out to be a blessing.

There's a book called "The Marriage Medics" , co-authored by Cynthia Cooper PhD and Scott Lorenz that shares the reasons why some couples fall head-first into divorce and others walk away restored and emotionally healthy. There are several complex and varied issues couples must resolve when deciding whether to divorce or rebuild a marriage. And dealing with different kinds of problems requires different kinds of expertise.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Small Business Start-Up

I had problem with the domain name of one of my first site that I had built few years back. Because of that I had to build up another site and then transfer the original content to the new domain.

It is about small business online start-up guide. This early site of mine means a lot to me since it has help a lot of people and I certainly hope it can help thousands of others who have interest to start a business online.

If you haven't visit the site make sure you go there and I certainly hope you can gain some new tips on online business. If you are a newbie on internet marketing, I really hope the information and knowledge shared on this site can help you start on the right footing and avoit all the common pitfalls. And here the link to small business online start-up guide once again.