Tuesday, October 25, 2005

For A Good Cause

It is good to see that even we are living in this fast pace tech era where everybody doesn't seem to have enough time to glimpse at what's happening around us, we do pause for a moment and help to contribute to a good cause when somthing unfortunate happen.

Take for example the extremely unexpected Tsunami disaster that swipe by the South East Asia Region at the end of last year. People pause their daily activities and start contributing and giving for the various organizations being setup almost instantly. Then recently the earthquake that happened in Pakistan and India and of course several hurricanes that hit America - Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Katrina and the more recent one Hurricane Wilma.

Eventhough people are very busy with their own hectic schedule everyday, the caring part of human being is still very much alive. Of course, if we could relate and be more close to God, it's just the best.

I recently found an interesting on a lady who contribute to a good cause by helping the Cancer Recovery Foundation of Canada where she created the Brides for Cancer. Even a newlywed like Helen Sweet can stand-up for a good cause.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Marketing an Online Business

I have updated my website today and I reupload a page title marketing an online business. It is about how to market our business online more effectively.

Among other things, I discussed email marketing which is a very important aspect of any business. We can constantly communicate and build business relationship with our customers and mailing list subscribers at a cost next to nothing. We can have a very huge mailing list, but still it cost us very minimal to send all of them email.

Another marketing strategy that I discussed is affiliate marketing. At first it may sound that it will require a subtantial investment to set-up our own affiliate marketing program. Actually, nowadays for about $300 we can have our own affiliate program such as through a very reliable affiliate network - Shareasale.com.

Or if we prefer to manage our affiliate program in-house we can buy one of the affiliate program software. Post Affiliate Pro is one of a very good affiliate program software that cost less than $150.

So, as you can see to improve our marketing avenues via two very good strategies require around $300 to $500 but with this in place you can have a more establish and hopefully productive marketing channel. Visit my site to learn more about the article on online marketing tactics that I wrote.

Water Softener

Quality drinking water is very important to our life. From toddlers to adults all need to drink quality plain drinking water. I do not really understand people who just drink sodas all day from morning till night. It certainly is not good for you. What's more if you take beers and other heavy stuff. All will affect your health negatively in the long run.

By 40, you began to encounter a lot of those common disease such diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney related problems and many other diseases that we think we never get. A lot have to do with the water we drinks throughout our life as it is the most basic needs apart from air. And nothing replace good plain tap or filtered drinking water.

Luckily our tap water is among the safest to drink compared to most of other countries tap water where chlorine level are rather high. Of course they do need to do a lot of water filtering because of the quality of their tap water. But our drinking water, not like many other parts of the world remain hard water. There a lot of water treatment products or water softeners in the market . You can learn more on water softener here.

Try to drink enough water that the body needs. Too much water can help you to lose weight. So, remember to take the old plain drinking water the next time you feel thirsty instead of your favorite drinks.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Parenting in the 21th Century

It's a fact that nowaday it's getting very challenging to build and maintain a really good and harmonious family unit together. I've seen too many couples even after years of marriage end up in divorce. And the children suffer. Well we can say that it's a fact of life that something are never meant to be. It's true. But we can only say that when we really understand and already "done" our parts.

Anyway, I really hope that everyone in a family unit in every parts of the world, would try to communicate more. Communication and continuous communication is extremely important. Through communication a lot of stress and strain can be mended, broken ties can be fixed.

There are many sites that focus on parenting issues that affect all of us. Here are two prominent sites on parenting development and current issues - Parenting.com and Ivillage.com parenting section.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Small Business Online Solutions

I have always tried to find ways to earn a living other than the normal 9 to 5 jobs. When I discovered that you could make a living or even build a business online, I began my quest. I began to learn about website building, online marketing and even search engine optimization.

Then I realized that this internet thing is a very dynamic phenomena.

If you just would like to learn or read about some techniques or strategies, well that is the only thing you'll get. That's why I tried to apply as much as possible of what I have come to learn.

One thing let to another and finally I was able to put up my own site. It's a very basic site, nothing fancy. I do hope the information that I share here will really benefit those who want to start a business on the internet.
I called it Small Business Online Solutions.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

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