Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Online Multi-Level Marketing - Why You Should Avoid It

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing online is the evolution and innovations of traditional offline Multi-Level Marketing. Although some of the major traditional offline Network Marketing companies began to capitalize on the internet technology for their system's recruitment during the early days, most had abandoned their online recruitment system due to various complications later on.
Those that are available on the internet currently with full blown recruitment systems mostly are 100 percent online-based MLM companies. In short, Online MLM Business Model does not really benefit you if you plan to seriously marketing the products on the internet.
This is because, unlike the offline world, internet has no boundary. As such everyone would be targeting the same target audience and competing against each other.
Here is a very interesting article on Online Multi-Level Marketing just published at I-Income.blogspot.com. It explained why Online MLM will only benefit the program owners. While everybody else participating in the system simply is helping the program owner getting richer and richer before he takes off with everybody else money.
It is really an eye opening article for those who plan to get involved with Online Multi-Level Marketing.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Online Business Guide

There are many tips, methods and strategies you can use to build and grow your online business. It really depends on what you want to achieve by having an online present. Whether you want to gain business leads, or to increase the sales conversion rate, you do need to have a clear focus on what you really want to achieve with your site.
Of course there are many books and ebooks to teach you that. You can look at Amazon or Clickbank and certainly you can find one that may interest you.

However, if you want to have a very clear picture of what really works online for small business then you can get this ebook by Ken Evoy. If you had read earlier of mine in this blog, you know that I highly recommend all the works by Ken Evoy. The book is called "Make Your Site Sell". Although the ebook can downloaded for free at the site, the information presented are extremely valuable and easily beat many of the Intenet Marketing ebook and Home Study Course that are in the price range of $97 to $297 or more. Just amazing how a free ebook is so popular and more demanded becouse of the information it consist than many of the paid courses.

Another great ebook is "How to Create a Fortune on the Internet in Just Four Simple Steps" by Corey Rudl. This one is not a huge ebook like "Make Your Site Sell" but it is enough to guide you get started the right way.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Top Home Base Business

In the ealier post we'd discuss about the important of having a positive cashflow before taking a serious journey to find the right home base business. It's easy to get influenced by the many business opportunities or make money at home ideas that are almost everywhere on the internet.
Here are some of the most common headlines that you might have come across, if you ever try to search for any online business opportunities.
  • Unique ways to earn money
  • Latest ideas achieve financial freedom
  • Legitimate work from home job
  • Affiliate business online opportunity
  • Reputable Affiliate Programs
  • Part time home jobs
  • Work part time online

Unless you have a really good and unique product or service, there's not much of a "unique ways to earn money" from the internet. I am really saddened by the fact that many people out there still fell for all these so called "top home base businesses".

For example, the advertisement for "Affiliate business online opportunity" and "Latest ideas to achieve financial freedom", normally involved some Online MLM Companies. It has been proven time and time again that Online Multi-Level Business did not really work. But because of the very convincing promises laid down in the copywritings, people easily believe every single word they put-up.

That's why they continued recruiting thousands and thousands of individual from almost every part of the world. "Part time home jobs" and "work part time online" and a series of other regular phrases continued to be the favorite taglines to attract online newbies and rookies into the "envelope stuffing jobs" and "assembling products from home" opportunities.

The truth is the real top home base business that everyone who is serious about earning a decent income online should get involve are Legitimate Afiliate Marketing Programs and Contextual Advertising such as Google Adsense. Once you stop chasing for those empty promise opportunities and focus on these two business models, you have made the best step into realizing a decent income that goes hand-in-hand with a decent effort.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Look for Jobs Online

I know most of us dream to have financial freedom. Some have specific plan on how to do it. While for many of us it shall remain a dream because we do not have any sort of plan to make it happen or we just do not know where to start.
One thing for sure is we are stuck with a lot of monthly bills that we have accumulated over the years since we moved out of our parents' house. Gee, that was really a long time ago.
So, its time to make some sort of plan to start with. The best is to calculate all our monthly expenses and that includes everything. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, utility bills, credit card bills, groceries, and everything else. Then compare it with our current monthly take home. If you haven't, you should start collecting and save every single bill you get from Dennis, Taco Bell, Safeway, Walmart, all of them. How much is the different. For many of us the figure should be negative which is normal. And that is OK. But its time to do something about it.
Now, try to find out a high paying and better jobs to replace your current one. Or if you are comfortable with your current work, you should get another high paying part time jobs, evening jobs or part time home jobs. Of course it is not difficult to find jobs nowadays as internet has make it very convenient for us. You can look at Monster.com or Yahoo Jobs. You can also look for jobs online from this site.
The most important step here is to try to make our personal cashflow positive so that we can stop digging ourself deeper into debt. With a positive personal monthly cashflow only can we start focusing on the next step that is - find a top home base business ideas that is suitable for us to start with. With all the hypes about best new online business opportunity, it is not easy to find a real home based business that works. I hope to discuss more on legitimate home businesses next time.